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The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 09 (1984-1985)

The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 9 (1984-1985)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 9 (1984-1985)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 9 (1984-1985)
The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 9 (1984-1985)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 9 (1984-1985)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 9 (1984-1985)
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Volume 9 Issue 1: Contents of this issue include:

  • Changing Times: A 1930 Americana Kitchen by Helen Dorsett;

  • Kitbashing Mini Reproduction's Stove and Refrigerator;

  • Economy Breakfast Set from Sears, Roebuck;

  • Utility Furniture: Six-Board Shelf and Stool;

  • Beginner's Workbench: Basic Furniture Joinery with Hand Tools (Part 3) Locating and Preparing Dowel Joints;

  • In Search of a Face with Skew and Gouge: Hand Carving a Canadian Art Nouveau Rocker by James Dorsett;

  • What Makes a Pump Pump?: Yard and Pitcher Pumps in Two Scales by Ruth Armstrong;

  • Some Topics on Dollhouse Lighting: Using Voltage Dropping Resistors and light Emitting Diodes by William T. Roubal;

  • Lyre Back italian Settee by William Miller

Volume 9 Issue 2: Contents of this issue include:

  • A Garden House for Summer;

    • - An Introduction;

    • - Building the 1930 New England Shed;

    • - Built-In Gardening Cabinets;

    • - Furnishings for a Rustic Shed;

  • Getting the Job Done … Lady's Cylinder Desk (c. 1790) by Dolores Rawding;

  • The Pawn: An Eastlake Nursing Chair by Helen Dorsett;

  • Colonial Corner Cabinet (c. 1740-50) by Marie Heuer;

  • Dremel Drill Press Improvements: Horizontal and Vertical Adjustments by Joseph J. Gura;

  • “Just Leave Them in the Rack”: Making a Wire Dish Rack (A Beginner's Workbench Project;

  • A Voysey Table (c. 1906) by William S. Miller

Volume 9 Issue 3: Contents of this issue include:

  • Victorian Italianate Architecture: An Introduction by Helen and James Dorsett;

  • From Kit Shell to Painted Lady: An Italianate Row House Front, by Helen Dorsett;

  • Architectural Details (Part 1): Basic Brickwork by Fred Stephensen;

  • Historic Preservation in Quarter Inch cale: The Christiansburg Depot (c. 1868) by James Dorsett;

  • The Christiansburg Depot: Elevations (Scale 1/4” to 1') [This was a special insert and the pages are large.];

  • A Mirror Image by Half: Modern Sofa in One Inch and Half Inch Scales by Helen Dorsett;

  • The Old Family Popcorn Popper by Ruth Armstrong;

  • Building a Weiman Desk by William S. Miller;

  • Modifying the AMT Scroll Saw for Scale Work by Jim Jedlicka

Volume 9 Issue 4: Contents of this issue include:

  • Brickwork Bonds and Patterns by Fred Stephenson;

  • From Kitshell to Painted Lady (Part 2): Interior and Exterior Stairs by Helen Dorsett;

  • The Evolution of a Working Gumball Machine by Ruth Armstrong;

  • A Tool Rest for Small Lathes by Jim Jedlicka;

  • Chinese Armchair by Madelyn Cook;

  • Two Silver Chests by William S. Miller;

  • Modern Dining Room Set in Half Inch by Helen Dorsett;

  • Dollhouse Power Supplies by William T. Roubal;

  • Beginner's Workbench: Tools and Costs for the Modeler's Workbench by Jim Jedlicka