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The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 08 (1983-1984)

The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)
The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 8 (1983-1984)
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Volume 8 Issue 1: Contents of this issue include:

  • Decorating for a 1929 Christmas;

    • - Child-Size Vanity Dresser and Bench by Helen Dorsett;

    • - 1929 Artificial Christmas Tree;

    • - Toddler's Toys from Montgomery Ward by Pam Wright;

  • Model in a Minute: Candle Shelf by Marie Heuer;

  • Building Furniture with Commercial Turnings by Helen and Jim Dorsett;

    • - Slat Back Chair;

    • - Jacobean Hutch Table;

    • - Slat Back Arm Rocker;

  • Casablanca Ceiling Fan with a Built-In Motor by William T. (Ted) Roubal, Ph.D.;

  • Introducing a New House Plan Series: The Green Window House by Fred Stephenson;

  • Tudor Swivveled Bookcase by Helen Dorsett;

  • Spinning Wheel (Conclusion) by Hillman R. Grosse

Volume 8 Issue 2: Contents of this issue include:

  • Country Living: - Assembling the Realife Country Living Room Kit;

    • - Stenciled Floor Cloth by Helen Dorsett;

    • Twirling Boy and Girl Toy by Pamela Wright;

    • The Used Look: A Distressed Finish for a Kit Settle by Bill Postman;

  • Chair Leg and Rung Assembly with Hand Tools;

  • Building Furniture with Commercial Turnings: Low Back Windsor Arm Chair by Helen Dorsett;

  • The Valet Chair by William S. Miller;

  • The Beginner's Workbench: Using the Dremel Drillpress;

  • Cottage Spindle Sofa from Kansas by James H. Dorsett;

  • Plastic Jigs and Fixtures by John Ottewill;

  • Hidden Wiring Update: An Improved Wiring Channel Router by Jim Jedlicka;

  • Regulated power Supply for Miniature Settings by Glen Botto

Volume 8 Issue 3: Contents of this issue include:

  • Chippendale … with Some Changes: A TSC Cover;

  • Reflections in a Victorian parlor: An Operating 1870 Kaleidoscope by Ruth Armstrong;

  • Beginner's Workbench: Table Saw Safty;

  • Colonial Baby Tender by Marie Heuer;

  • Two Eighteenth Century Cellarettes by William S Miller;

  • Craftsman in the Kitchen: A Visit to Bill Miller's Workbench;

  • What's New? Not Much!: American Standard Bathroom Fixtures (c. 1930) by Helen Dorsett;

  • High Style: A New England Fancy Chair (1800-1820) by Helen Dorsett;

  • Jigs and Fixtures (Part 2, Acrylic Power Tool Jigs) by John Ottewill;

  • Direct Current Power Supply by William T. Roubal;

  • Sears, Roebuck Kitchen Range (c. 1905) by John Gray;

  • Model in a Minute: Two Colonial Accessories by Marie Heuer

Volume 8 Issue 4: Contents of this issue include:

  • Queen Anne Spice Chest by William S. Miller;

  • Hand Decorated Furniture: Two Alternatives by William Postman, Jr.;

  • The Beginner's Workbench: Table Saw Blade and Fence Adjustment;

  • A Colonial Swinging Cradle by Marie Heuer;

  • The Hollins College Lady's Desk by Jim Dorsett;

  • An Italianate Victorian House in 1/4” Scale by Fred Stephensen;

  • Power Wood Carver by Jim Jedlick;

  • Enhancing the Realism of a Miniature Grandfather Clock: Adding Pendulum Motion and a Tic-Toc Circuit by Wm. T. (Ted) Roubal, Ph.D.;

  • The Home Workshop: Ted Roubal Talks About His Multi-disciplinary Shop Facilities

Volume 8 Issue 5: Contents of this issue include:

  • Antique Bird Cage and Stand by Donna Hendricks;

  • Turn-of-the-Cententury Stereoscope by Ruth Armstrong;

  • Colonial Wooden Wash Tub and Water Bucket by Marie Heuer;

  • Beginner's Workbench: Baic Furniture Joinery with Hand Tools (Part 1);

  • What's New? Not Much! (Part 2): Bathroom Fixtures, 1940-1960 by Helen Dorsett;

  • Shaker Commode Chair by William Postman, Jr.;

  • Scale Drawing from a Photo: Making and Using Proportional Dividers by Jim Jedlica;

  • The Friendly Machine: A Shop-Built Belt Grinder-Sander by John Gray;

  • High Volume Frame Cutting: A Sliding Miter Jig for the Dremel Table Saw by Don Dube

Volume 8 Issue 6: Contents of this issue include:

  • A Custom Kitchen in Record Time by Helen Dorsett;

  • Colonial Rachet Candle Stand by Marie Heuer;

  • Shaker Wood Box from Pleasant Hill by William Postman, Jr.;

  • Beginner's Work Bench: Bsic Furniture Joinery with Hand Tools (Part 2);

  • House Power … In a Coal Shed by James Dorsett;

  • Queen Anne for the 20th Century: A Realife Dining Room Kitbash;

  • A Dial Caliper for Your Scale Projects by Jim Jedlicka