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The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 06 (1981-1982)

The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 6 (1981-1982)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 6 (1981-1982)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 6 (1981-1982)
The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 6 (1981-1982)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 6 (1981-1982)The Scale Cabinetmaker on CD: Volume 6 (1981-1982)
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Contents of Volume 6 Include:

Issue 1:

  • Basic Caning With an X-ACTO Knife by Susanne Russo;

  • Kits and Pieces (Part 2): Lattice Bed and Screen by Madelyn Cook;

  • Beginner's Workbench: A Danish Modern Sideboard by Helen Dorsett;

  • A Doll's Folding Chair (c. 1900) by Helen Dorsett;

  • Master of Disguise by Madelyn Cook;

  • “A Little Girl's Dream”: 1938 Fiberboard Dollhouse by Helen Dorsett;

  • Operating Tinplate in One-Twelfth Scale by Jim and Harriet Jedlicka;

  • Making Special Purpose Hinges by Jack Reifel

Issue 2:

  • For the Fun of it: A Serpentine Table by Susanne Russo;

  • Special Techniques in Miniatures by Jack Reifel;

  • The Pot Bellied Stove by John Gray;

  • Queen Anne Fixed Head Day Bed by William S. Miller;

  • Master of Disguise by Madelyn Cook;

  • Baking Day by William Postman, Jr.;

  • TSC Index: Volumes I through V;

  • Who Reads TSC? 1981 Reader Survey;

  • Kits and Pieces (Conclussion): Side Chair and Hanging Shelf by Madelyn Cook;

  • Modifying the Chopper by Jim Jedlicka;

  • Fretwork Miniatures by Kirk Ratajesek;

  • Jigs and Fixtures;

  • Adapting a Shaper Table for Curved Work by Jim Jedlicka

Issue 3:

  • A Period Room from the 40's: The Cover Room by James Dorsett;

  • The Franklin Fireplace/Stove by John Gray;

  • “Fakng” a Sideboard by James Dorsett;

  • The Slicer: Chopper Modification, Part 2 by Jim Jedlicka;

  • Master of Disguise: Glitches and Twists in Needlework by Madelyn Cook;

  • Half Inch Bed Step (c. 1810) by Helen Dorsett;

  • Kit Bashing a Settee from Some Queen Anne Chairs by Bill Miler;

  • A TV for Hand Tools by Helen Dorsett;

  • Photographing a TSC Cover by Don Massie;

  • The Scratch Tool by Jim Jedlicka

Issue 4:

  • Norwegian Bride's Chest: The Mystery of Early Antique Joinery (Part 1) by James Hillhouse;

  • Connecticut High Chest of Drawers;

  • Setting the Crooked Straight: The Morris Chair by James Dorsett;

  • Master of Disguise: Getting Down to Base-ics by Madelyn Cook;

  • Fine Adjustment for the TSC Wood Surfacer by Jim Jedlicka;

  • Clothes Wringer (c. 1900) by John Gray;

  • Jigs and Fixtures;

  • How I Built the Store: A Jack-Carpenter's Guide to Frame Construction (Part 1) by Helen Dorsett (As Observed by J. Dorsett);

  • Miniature Chess and Checker Boards by Robrt R. Radcliff;

  • Nineteen Forties Federal: End Tables and Coffee Table by Helen Dorsett;

  • Accessories – Found and Made (Part 1)