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Privacy Policy

Dorsett Publications has long valued customer privacy. There is nothing worse than having your email box filled up with sales junk from insurance companies, health-product companies, and politicians of various ilks. For this reason, we do not sell or share customer information. That does not, however, mean that we do not collect customer information:

  1. Meta-Data. We use a program called Site-tracker on our websites to find out who (genericly rather than specifically) is visiting our websites. Site-tracker collects certain types of meta-data (pages visited, location, time spent on site, computer platform, and so forth). We use the information from the program to find out where our potential customers and visitors are coming from (US, Canada, France, etc.), how long they spend on the site, which pages seem to attract more interest, and so on. The information helps us design and maintain a more effective web-site and helps us manage our web resources. Site-traker does not collect individual information (names, addresses, emails, and so on).

  2. Email. We maintain an email list of past customers who have expressed an interest in being included on our e-newsletter emailing list. In addition, we have a sign-up form on our blog site where customers can request the e-newsletter. If you receive a newsletter, but do not want it, email us at to request removal.

  3. Name, Address, and Order Information. All orders include you name, address, and order information. We keep the hardcopies for our sales and inventory records and maintain an excel spreadsheet of sales for ease of use and to lessen the time it would take to dig through the pile of printed orders.

We do not collect or even see your credit card information, that is all handled through PayPal.

We will never sell or share any of your information with anyone else.