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Your Chance to Fill In Your Collection of or Introduce a Friend to The Scale Cabinetmaker in its original form.


A couple of years ago, we finally got around to cleaning out some storage closets at Dorsett Publications and found boxes of TSC Back Issues--original issues that had never been sold. We took them out, put them in plastic sleeves, and put them back up on a shelf with the idea of selling them off when we had some extra time.


All of the issues are in mint condition--essentially new "old" issues. None of them have spent time on someone's workbench, so they do not have stains or crinkled pages or notes in the margins. 


We have a limited number, which are being sold on a "first come" basis, so when they are gone, they are gone.


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New From Dorsett Publications

The Cabinetmaker's Guides to Dollhouse Furniture: Celebrating 50 years of teaching miniaturists how to model.

In October, 1964, Helen Bennett Dorsett published the first of what would become a 10 book series, A Cabinetmaker's Guide to Dollhouse Furniture: 19th Century Country Furniture.  In 1967, she returned to the workbench and the drafting table to produce the third volume of The Cabinetmaker's Guide series: Jacobean and William & Mary Furniture (1650 to 1750), although around the kitchen table, it was referred to as FJD (Funding Jim's Dissertation).  Ten years later, Helen returned to the period to produce furniture for a series of roombox settings inspired by Jim's model of the Stanley Whitman House (Farmington, Connecticut)--a model that now resides in the collection of the American Museum in Bath, England, along with the furniture from Volume 3 of the Guide series and from what would become 17th Century English Country Kitchen Furniture, published in 1979.

Each Guide is divided into two sections: general construction notes, including measurement, wood choice, joinery, turning, and finishing; and the patterns, including elevation drawings (top, side, and front) and, where needed, exploded drawings. . The Guides provide enough patterns, in a specific style, to fill a four room dollhouse, including a livingroom or parlor, a dining room or a kitchen, and two bedrooms. With the exception of Volume 8: Half-Inch Furniture, all of the patterns are in 1":1' (1/12th scale), although the measurements given on the elevation exploded drawings are in full dimension to accomodate modelers in who use other scales, most notably 1/2"=1' (half-inch). Additional construction information is included with individual patterns. The books are intended for modelers who have at least some knowledge of hand tools and some basic modeling skills. All of the furniture can be build using butt joints (beginner's approach) or more advanced joinery. It was Helen's hope that new modelers would try the pieces first and then begin to experiment with more complex joints and forms, different types of wood, and different finishes. 

A final note about the Guides.  The Cabinetmaker's Guides and The Scale Cabinetmaker are separate publications. With perhaps two exceptions, the plans in the Guides did not appear in The Scale Cabinetmaker or vice versa.  Indeed, !9th Century Country Furniture: A Cabinetmaker's Guide to Dollhouse Furniture was published 12 years (almost to the day) before the first issue of The Scale Cabinetmaker was published.

Unlike the Cabinetmaker's Guides, 17th Century English Country Kitchen Furniture includes instructions with each of the plans rather than a separate section on construction. The plans were originally part of a larger book designed specifically for use by miniatures clubs and included a roombox project from Pete Westcott.

Both the The Cabinetmaker's Guides, and the English Country Kitchen Furniture books are available as downloadable pdfs and can be order on this site.

The Best of The Scale Cabinetmaker: COMING SOON!

The Best of TSC is a growing collection of "subject specific" books, drawn from the pages of The Scale Cabinetmaker and the workshop notes from the authors of TSC.

While, not surpising, we believe that there is value in owning all 20 years of The Scale Cabinetmaker, finding all of the materials on a specific subject, even with the index in hand, can be a daunting exercise.

Some of the books are either technique (caning, wiring) or period (Arts & Crafts, 20th Century) specific; others combine technique articles and project articles into the same book.

The first six volumes of the Best of TSC series were published in "print" workshop manual format. Currently available only in printed form, these books will be available in downloadable .pdf format soon. For international customers especially, this shift represents a significant decrease in shipping costs.